Wednesday, July 20, 2011


If things happen for a reason,

If things happen by chance.
If things go with a purpose,
Then it was love at first glance.

I tell myself that its okay,
I tell myself time will tell.
I tell myself I can hear everything you´d say,
But ín my heart I know all is far from well.

You came into my life for a reason,
You came to be more than a friend,
You proved that I could be strong even now,
You proved that my love would have no end.

So I listen when the wind blows,
And I hear the chimes across the street.
Your songs are with me wherever I go,
And your love still makes my heart beat.

For time will move on,
And places may change,
But the fact that we loved each other,
Will forever remain.

For you were the reason I was there,
You were the reason we grew near.
You were the reason my strength grew,
You will always be the reason my love is true.

Brenda Ysaguirre copyright July 2011