Friday, February 29, 2008


You slide your hands across my body

And I sigh as goosebumps flow over me.

You look into my eyes and I battle with my folly,

Is this what love is supposed to be?

I feel reborn whenever I'm with you,

And I know you feel the same way, too.

Today I wanted to ask you from the heart,

But I was afraid it would set us apart.

You do realize it was February 29th, don't you,

And this chance may never come again,

I was suppose to ask you if you'd do,

That one thing that you say is not sane.

It's a woman's choice to say the least,

And men are always just like beasts,

They want to roam around so free

But while they say they don't, I see.

They know that it's love that we give,
They know they're the reason that we live,
And yet they struggle with themselves and lose,
When it is only love they need to choose.
Today was the day I was to ask,
Today was the day I was to do the task.
Today was special, today was real,
Today I was to lay the cards out and deal.
Brenda A. Ysaguirre
Copyright 2008 Brenda Ysaguirre

Thursday, February 28, 2008



There are many things I love about you,
There are many things I admire that you do.
There are things that come naturally and in a blink,
Like that thing you do when your eyes you wink.

There are things you do that are direct,
There are things you have not done yet.
There are things you do when you are ahead,
Like that thing you do when you nod your head.

There are things you say that are so true,
There are things you say that make me love you.
There are things you tell me as my advisor,
Like those things you say, to make me wiser.

There are the songs you sing late into the night,
There are the songs you sing with a voice so right.
There are songs I have yet to hear from you,
Like the songs you sing that ring through and through.

But of all the things I admire from you,
There is one thing that stands out so true.
Your love for others and the care you have for all,
That’s the thing you do that made me fall.

You’ve got my love,
You’ve got my respect.
You’ve given me strength,
Have I told you yet?

Thank you for the wink,
Thank you for the nod,
Thank you for the songs you sing,
Thank you for everything.
Brenda A. Ysaguirre
Copyright 2008 Brenda A. Ysaguirre

Tuesday, February 26, 2008



Someone to look at me with love,

Someone who would elevate me up above,

Someone who would smile at me and say,

"I love you, darling," each and everyday.

That's what I wanted.

Someone to share my joys and my sorrows,

Someone to live with all my tomorrows.

Someone who would be by my side,

Someone from whom all my love I wouldn't have to hide,

That's what I wanted.

Someone who would see the real me,

Someone who with me would make history.

Someone to travel with me the world so round,

Someone who's sweep me off the ground,

That's what I wanted.

Maybe that person is already here,

Maybe he is you, my darling, my dear.

Maybe one day you will let our hearts meet,

Maybe one day you'll sweep me off my feet,

That's what I want!

Brenda Aurora Ysaguirre

Copyright 2008 Brenda Ysaguirre

Sunday, February 24, 2008


I know that I am dying,

From birth on that path I have been heading.

I know I have to be strong,

For at any hour death can come along.

But no one prepared me for this pain,

That love is causing me once again.

No one told me you could hurt my soul,

With hard, cold words that were so bold.

Why don't you believe me?

After all I've given you can't you see?

I never hid my love from you,

That's why this pain is so true.

I'm hurt that you are sad,

And that I've made you mad.

I never meant hurt you,

I never expected death so true.

I love you still, my dear,

To this woman you are still there.

I'm still your dear friend,

Although I'm hurting at this end.

Brenda Aurora Ysaguirre

Copyright 2008 Brenda Aurora Ysaguirre

Saturday, February 23, 2008


Se que estoy muriendo,
Desde que nací a este paso estoy llegando.
Se que tengo que ser fuerte,
Porque a cualquier hora va llegar la muerte.

Pero nadie me preparo para este dolor,
Que hoy sufro por perder tu amor,
Nadie me dijo que podías herir mi alma,
Con palabras tan duras y claras.

Porque no crees en mi?
Después de tanto que te di?
Nunca te escondí mi amor,
Por eso es tanto mi dolor.

Me duele que triste estés,
Y que es mi culpa esta vez,
Nunca quise herirte,
Nunca esperaba este muerte.

Aun te amo, mi amor,
Aun eres todo para esta mujer,
Aun soy tu amiga querida,
Aun, aunque estoy herida.

Brenda Aurora Ysaguirre
February 23, 2008

Copyright 2008 Brenda Ysaguirre

Friday, February 22, 2008



Why do they do us wrong,
Why can’t we be strong?
Is this all there is?
Is life just a fizz?

I think there must be more,
There must be another door.
But how do I find it now?
What do I do and how?

I’m lost and alone,
Where is that place called home?
Where is the love I knew?
What am I suppose to do?

This really can’t be true,
You’ve made me so blue.
I know I love you still.
I guess I always will.

That’s the effect you have on me,
Even though we’ll never be.
My love for you won’t die,
Because I did not live a lie.

I hope one day I find some peace,
And then this pain will be released.
But for now I’m lost and so confused,
Because my love you have refused.

I’ll never say good bye,
I cannot live a lie.
I love you can’t you see,
There is no one else for me.

Brenda Aurora Ysaguirre
February 22, 2008

Copyright 2008 Brenda Ysaguirre

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Gracias, Señor


Lord, I thank you for this life,
I thank you for keeping me safe both day and night.
May all my thoughts and prayers go to the one above,
May all I do be done with much love.

Through all my trials and my times of fear,
You've been a loving Father, ever dear.
May all come to know you as I do,
May they get to love you, too.

Dear Lord, you've brought me to this day,
And guarded all I do and say,
May I always know that you are there for me,
Lord, I thank you for letting me your love see.

Guide me now through this time of sadness,
Let me on your shoulder my head rest.
For Lord you're the only one we always cares for me,
Give me strength - take this pain and set me free.

Brenda Aurora Ysaguirre

Copyright @ Brenda Ysaguirre 2008

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


As the sun rises over the bay

On the silvery waters shines the sun's ray.

Birds begin to sing to greet the dawn,

And the dewdrops disappear from the lawn.

People get up in homes all around,

As the new day awakens the town.

The bustle begins and time marches on,

Oh, how glorious is the dawn.

Mothers rush to prepare breakfast,

As children get ready - no one wants to be last,

Then its off to work and off to school,

To learn some more from the day's golden rule.

The day is in full swing by then,

The dawn long ago had come to an end.

But tomorrow it will return once again,

With sunshine or with blessing in the form of rain.

Every day we are happy and blessed,

For the dawn gives the earth its dress.

The covers it with sunshine, rain or breezy days,

And best of all the sun's warm rays.

So think each day of the joy that come,

When the dawn sets time on the run.

Appreciate that you awake to another day,

Be thankful and give love in every way.

Brenda Ysaguirre
February 19, 2008

Copyright@ Brenda Aurora Ysaguirre 2008

Monday, February 18, 2008


How do I express what I feel?
Can I say this is real?
The thoughts and feeling that surround me,
Do they really express it to a tee?

How do I express this feeling in my heart?
Why does it ache when we are apart?
Do you feel the same way too?
Does it have any effect on you?

How do I express this emotion with words?
Can I make you understand with verbs?
Will my action scare you away from me?
Or will you let your feelings be?

You love me too, of that I am aware.
You love me too, and you do care,
But you battle with yourself each and every day,
Why don't you let things be, come what may?

It is not a crime to love someone like me,
Why can't you let our love be?
I love with every breathe I take,
I love you with every step I make.

Set your heart free so you can enjoy,
Come on ,man, you are not a boy.
Accept this love I offer to you,
All you have to admit is that you love me, too.

Brenda Ysaguirre

Copyright, Brenda Ysaguirre, 2008

Saturday, February 16, 2008


If I were a photographer I'd freeze this moment in time,

If I were a singer I'd sing you a line,

If I were a painter my portrait would be clear,

If I were an architect my building would be rare.

If I were a chef I'd cook a dish divine,

If I were an explorer a mountain I would climb,

If I were a diver I'd explore beneath the sea,

If I were a fortune teller your future I would see.

If I were a dancer I'd move to the beat,

If I were a judge I'd be on a seat,

If I were an atlhete many races I would win,

If I were a psychic I'd be able to see within.

But I am a poet whose words come from the heart,

I am a teacher whose lesson knowledge impart,

I am a dreamer whose dreams include you,

I am a woman whose love is so true.

I am a believer that there is good in this world,

I am a woman who deep down feels like a girl,

I am like a star that twinkles in the night

I am the person who will not give up without a fight.

Brenda Aurora Ysaguirre

Copyright@ Brenda Ysaguirre 2008

Friday, February 15, 2008


( A Poem Dedicated to the Belizean Man )

Wake up, young man,
What is your plan?
Wake up, young man,
Don’t go strolling through the sand.

Life is hard you say and yet,
I hear you add, “ I’m not ready to get”,
The life you seek can be your today,
But you must stop and say “okay”.

Wake up, young man,
Without a plan there will be no “I can!”
Wake up, young man
Don’t you hear the cry of the land?

Get your tools and make a start,
You know you’ve got it in your heart.
Don’t stop to think you may not succeed,
Wake up, young man, and plant the seed.

Tomorrow will be brighter than today,
For when the sun comes out it’ll shine its ray
And bless this land you call your home,
Wake up, young man, it’s no time to roam.

Brenda Aurora Ysaguirre
October 7, 2005

Copyright@ Brenda Ysaguirre 2008

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Dear Poetic Readers, I ask you to forgive me today but I will not be writing one of my poems. Instead I will dedicate this blogspot to sharing a teaching on LOVE. I hope it brings you nearer to that person you can be. I hope it opens new avenues for you as it has for me.

Today is Valentine’s Day. It is the day we set aside for love and friendship. It is the day we spend far more money than most others year round. It has become a business and economically good for many businesses. But what is this day all about. What is LOVE and how do we get it. Do we buy it? Do we find it? Do we know how to share it? Today maybe we should take time out to analyze our feelings and our lives. We should start somewhere. Why not here? Now! We Must begin to understand ourselves if we are to understand others. A friend has taught me that one of the greatest things in life is to BE LOVE AND TO GIVE LOVE WITHOUT EXPECTING ANYTHING IN RETURN FROM THE PERSON WE GIVE IT TO. “Whatever you give will be returned to you. It flows. Maybe not from those you give to but it does come back in some form or fashion”. Those are his words. They are his belief and I have grown to see them as true. Thank you for opening my eyes and my heart, Abel. Your patience, kindness, support and love are helping me to grow. I am dedicating this page today to you and to the teachings I am now coming to understand. The path is long but it leads home, profe.
WHAT IS THE LOVE…? Love is a state, a process. The highest state of love, is NOT in the way of an affectionate relationship, whether with parents, children or partner. It is simply a state that belongs to your Being. In the same way that the trees are green, those who feel love, love. The trees are not green for some specific persons; They do not become green when you arrive in their view. The flower continues spreading its fragrance whether someone comes up to it, or not, whether someone appreciated it or not. The flower does not begin to release its fragrance when it realizes that someone is approaching, whether that person is a poet or a carpenter. No. The flower continues to release its fragrance always, because this is its state of life, its existence.

Love is a state. A process of continuous evolution. It is a state that we should all know and enjoy every day. Love can not depend on an emotional connection with someone. Love can not be known through someone, much less to someone. Love is your existence. It's your life and your death, your joy and sadness. It's your loneliness or company. The greatest love is the one that someone has for self. Because then you can give love, respect and growth for all no matter which level of relationship others have with us, We love as we live, and we give as if it were the last thing we do. Love does not lead roles, or contracts, or promises, not even sex. Love only brings purity of being someone, of existing. Be love all the time, not just sometimes, not just for convenience, elections, nor for money. Nothing that relates to the material is like love. You are love. You can not give what you do not have So, if you are not love, how can you know and say you love? Much less how can you know love? Love is a state, NOT a relationship with anyone. Love is the only miracle. Love is the stairway to heaven from hell. Having learned to love, you have learned everything. If you have not learned to love, you have wasted your whole life. This love is waiting within you. It is not in a hurry: it can wait and you can die. Birth is not in your hands. You were born and no one had asked you. You were not requested permission; you were not even asked where you wanted to be born and what you wanted to be. We have found yourself here in the midst of life. You could not choose… birth nor death. One day, suddenly, death will come without even warning you. And death does not wait not even an instant. One is born, dies… birth and death are not in your hands you can not do anything about it. Between your birth and your death there is only one thing you can do: love and be loved.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008



(For the one I love because you taught me the true meaning of LOVE)

I awake in the morning and you're on my mind,

Throughout the day I carry you in my heart and I am find.

You're a part of my life like never before,

We were meant to be together, of that I am sure!

There is so much to change and things I will have to do.

But one thing is certain, I want to be with you.

For you have become a part of me and without you I can't exist,

My heart is all your's darling, no longer do I resist.

Your voice charms me over the line when I'm away,

It fills my body and my soul and lights up each day.

I'm consumed in your life and hungry for your passion,

I will give you me entirely because my love I cannot ration.

You are the man I want by my side each and every night,

Just promise me we will make up right away after each lover's fight.

For we are only human after all and will have our highs and low,

But one thing I am positive of - our love will surely grow.

So darling, now you know exactly how I feel,

My love for you baby, is ever so real.

The love you give in return is tender and sincere,

That is why I love you, my darling, my darling - my dear.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


When God looked around,
He knew just what to do,
He had to perfect the draft,
He'd made when he created you.

So he toiled and laboured and
Created the most beautiful being,
That is how you've come to get,
This woman so serene.

He knew you'd need someone,
Forever by your side,
To love you both day and night,
And in whom you could confide.

It took sometime for we were so far apart,
But the friendship we'd always had came straight from the heart.
You are the reason I smile and greet each new day,
For I know whatever comes with it the right things you will say.

Your laughter as you tease and joke around overflows my soul,
Without you I'm a half, with you I am a whole.
God chose the time, He chose the place,He knew just what would be,
His blessing we will always have throughout eternity.

He knew just from the very start,
That you would have my heart.
That is why we share this happiness so true,
Because you love me and darling, I love you.

Brenda Aurora Ysaguirre
Copyright@ 2008 Brenda Ysaguirre

Monday, February 11, 2008


A cry in the night,
To a dawn that came with new light,
Can surely mean we have grown,
To protect this place we call home.

Like a mother will protect her young,
So do Belizean protect their city and town,
For there is no place like this on earth,
This place we call home, this land of our birth.

For what we truly must believe,
Is that which we give, we will receive,
And come with will and come what may,
It is the dawn of a bright, new day.

Brenda Aurora Ysaguirre
February 8th., 2008

Copyright@ Brenda Ysaguirre 2008

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Organización SUPERMAMA DE BELIZE, desea ayudar a la adolescente madre soltera de Codoba en ARGENTINA que se vuelve a ser madre (6 hijos)

De acuerdo a la noticia de INFOBAE.
La familia declaro:"Ella nos tiene a nosotros como pilar principal. No tiene sueldo, no tiene marido, nada", explicó Bazán. Y agregó que Pamela "espera que yo le dé lo que le hace falta, porque no tiene los medios" para mantener a sus hijos.Con respecto al padre de las trillizas de 18 meses, la mujer afirmó que no tiene relación con ellas. "No se le mueve un pelo por nada. Jamás los padres de él se han acercado a ver qué les hace falta a las nenas", señaló.Cuando se le pregunta a Bazán cómo su hija llegó a esta situación, ella responde que Pamela actuó, simplemente, como lo harían todos los adolescentes. "Como todo joven, uno los aconseja y les entra por un oído y les sale por el otro. Los consejos fueron de todo tipo… Pero es una piba bastante desobediente, sino no estaría en esta situación", afirmó.Pamela cumplirá, el próximo 25 de febrero, 17 años. Dio a luz a un niño en 2005 y a trillizas en julio de 2006, cuando tenía 15 años. También la madre confirmó que la menor perdió un embarazo cuando tenía tan sólo 13 años.La mujer, de 49 años, dijo que lo que más le preocupa es cómo mantener a tantos chicos: "Yo recibo una pensión por madre de seis hijos, dos se me murieron, y limpio en casas de familia. Pero con tres chicos más de parte de Pamela, no sé si voy a poder arreglármelas". Abuela "de dieciséis nietos en total", Magdalena dice, como si hiciera falta explicarlo, que su situación económica es "desesperante" y clama por ayuda. O por "más ayuda", aclara, ya que con las primeras trillizas, la municipalidad de Leones, la localidad a 220 kilómetros al sureste de la capital cordobesa, donde viven la familia, les donó un terreno. Allí construyeron una "casita donde se amontonan, en un par de camas y una cuna", describe.La entrega de los bebés en adopción no figura entre sus planes. "Aun que sea con lo mínimo los vamos a mantener, en familia", señaló.

LA ORGANIZACIÓN SUPER MAMA DE BELIZE Central América, esta ya buscando la forma de contactarse con la familia de la menor. La intención es brindar apoyo, económico, psicológico y de orientación social futura.Esta organización fundada justamente por una madre soltera, La Sra. Brenda Ysaguirre, actual directora del Corozal Community College de Belize, busca la forma sin ningún apoyo gubernamental, para brindar asistencia a adolescentes, jóvenes y mamas solteras en general.Ella solicita ahora que quienes puedan proporcionar, datos, direcciones o teléfonos donde contactar a la familia de la joven madre.
Lo hagan dirigiéndose al E-Mail:
O la pagina de la organización:

Friday, February 8, 2008



When it’s over
The dream dies
As the heart accepts the lies.

When it’s over
It’s dark inside
Even as the sun shines outside.

When it’s over
The heart withdraws
For it can no longer accept the flaws.

When it’s over
The smile retreats
With every disappointment it greets.

When it’s over
It’s time to accept
That my love once again you reject.

So, when it’s over
Enjoy each day
Just be careful that in the dark you do not stay!

Brenda Aurora Ysaguirre
April 13, 2006

Copyright @ 2008 Brenda Aurora Ysaguirre

Thursday, February 7, 2008


I watch you whenever I am near,

And you amaze me for you are quite rare.

What is the word that describes you?

Well there's not one, but quite a few.

You are a maggot, a parasite and a leech,

Into your pocket you never reach.

You're always broke and from paying you get away,

But it will come back to haunt you one fine day.

You think you are so smart but yet you display,

There are men more worthy than you born everyday.

You turn up your nose to people who care,

Yet without them you'd be nowhere.

We all see the real you and we're not impressed,

In the past you've given us time when we've expressed,

That you are no good and need to change,

If only your brain we could re-arrange.

We hope you awake soon to face your responsibility,

But maybe that would be an impossibility,

Because your entire life is focused on you,

You might wake up too late and your friends will be few!

Brenda Aurora Ysaguirre

August, 2003
Copyright ©2008 Brenda Aurora Ysaguirre


I watch you whenever I am near,

And you amaze me for you are quite rare.

What is the word that describes you?

Well there's not one, but quite a few.

You are a maggot, a parasite and a leech,

Into your pocket you never reach.

You're always broke and from paying you get away,

But it will come back to haunt you one fine day.

You think you are so smart but yet you display,

There are men more worthy than you born everyday.

You turn up your nose to people who care,

Yet without them you'd be nowhere.

We all see the real you and we're not impressed,

In the past you've given us time when we've expressed,

That you are no good and need to change,

If only your brain we could re-arrange.

We hope you awake soon to face your responsibility,

But maybe that would be an impossibility,

Because your entire life is focused on you,

You might wake up too late and your friends will be few!

Brenda Aurora Ysaguirre

Written August, 2003

Copyright ©2008 Brenda Aurora Ysaguirre

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I look at you from across the room
And I realize that our love has bloomed.
We’ve become closer with each passing day,
And even have the same things to say.

At night as we lie in the bed we share
We become a loving pair
And I am happy that we have met,
For Cupid’s arrows our hearts have set.

My heart races as you hug me,
I quiver from your touch so soft and free.
You say we must give love to receive love,
Having found you, I agree to the above.

We hug and kiss when we are together,
No matter the time or the weather.
We think the same things and enjoy similar interest,
You have become my lover, you are the best!

Your eyes twinkle as I look at you,
My heart races with that little nod you do.
So, I carry you in my heart,
Whenever we have to be apart.

Brenda Ysaguirre

Copyright 2008

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


To a love lost before it was found

Across the trail of thoughts that I have,

Across the dreams that I create,

Is a vision of a life unknown

And probably impossible to make.

To the "ups" and "downs" of life,

The "ins" and "outs" can compare,

But when I stop to think about everything,

I thank God for my being here.

Whenever things don't seem right

Or appear as a part of impossible dreams,

I wish I could turn on a light

And make them beautiful realities.

But reality is not like our minds creation,

It's not filled with getting what we demand,

But a place where a struggle is a chain reaction,

To the "wants" and "needs" of every Man.

Brenda Ysaguirre
Copyright ©2008 Brenda Aurora Ysaguirre

Monday, February 4, 2008


The stars twinkled ever so brightly,

The angels sang your name cheerfully,

Every day into my life you bring joy,

I thank the Lord you're a girl not a boy!!

I thank Him too for the bond we share,

As mother and daughter and friends who care

You're my greatest friend, the reason I live,

My best wishes and blessings to you I give.

I pray for your happiness and your success,

I pray to God daily that you will be blest.

You're all I could ever want a daughter to be

I am so happy that you are a part of me!

There is so much in life's journey to success

Your accomplishments are my happiness.

All your pains are my deepest sorrows,

May you have only glorious tomorrows.

Remember you are my jewel, most precious

Remember daughter, that all I do, I do for us

All your tomorrows will always be true,

I send my blessing today to you.

Brenda Aurora Ysaguirre
Copyright ©2008 Brenda Aurora Ysaguirre

Sunday, February 3, 2008


A Grandma's Joy

The cutest thing we've ever seen

Came with the birth of a little being.

She entered our lives one August morn,

That's when little Ciarra was born.

She waited until I arrived from miles away,

To come into the world the every next day.

So it was that we had a month together,

To form a bond that will last forever.

On her first birthday it was a joy,

To see her play with each new toy.

Her second Christmas was also a treat,

As we bundled up just to cross the street.

She's talkative and without a doubt,

She has her grandma Brenda's mouth.

She loves to draw cats and to dance,

It's so cute when she gives you the glance.

God bless this little angel dear,

For whom we've come to love and care.

Brenda Aurora Ysaguirre
Copyright ©2008 Brenda Aurora Ysaguirre

Saturday, February 2, 2008


I Love You More

Each day my feelings for you grows,

The love I have for you quite freely flows.

I dream of when we will nolonger be apart,

It is the day we will fulfill the longing of our hearts.

God has been planning this for you and me,

He has guided our paths and soon our spirits will be free.

The love I pledge will be yours always,

It will grow because we show it in so many ways.

Together we'll become one body, one soul and one mind,

Because true love is special and it we did find

So when you look in my eyes and smile at me,

I know your love I'll always see.

And daily I know my heart will truly soar,

As I tell you I love you,


Brenda Aurora Ysaguirre
Copyright ©2008 Brenda Aurora Ysaguirre

Friday, February 1, 2008


It's Up To Us
As another month has come to an end,

Only God knows what comes around the bend.

But as we share with those near at heart,

Lets stop the horrors that tears us apart.

May we come to appreciate and love each other

As many a mother, father, sister or brother.

Because life was meant to be of joy and peace

So let freedom be and hatred cease.

We owe safety and life to the new generation,

Not death and sorrow amid any celebration.

Not a world of fear but one sees tomorrow,

One filled with happiness not with sorrow.

So let's join hands around the world,

And send love and friendship on a swirl.

For no one should sit back and nothing do,

The peace of this world is up to me and you!

Brenda Aurora Ysaguirre
Copyright ©2008 Brenda Aurora Ysaguirre