Saturday, May 31, 2008


You think,

Because you can,

You work,

Because you can,

You smile,

Because you can,

You share,

Because you can,

You give love,

Because you can,

You tire,

Because you can,

But you go on,

Because you can,

So keep it real,

Because you can,

And all will be true,

Because they can,

And the world will be better,

Because it can!

Brenda A. Ysaguirre

Copyright 2008 Brenda A. Ysaguirre

Friday, May 30, 2008


I found love in your eyes,
I felt love in your arms,
I recieved love in your bed.

I share all your dreams,
I share all your sorrows,
I share all your hopes.

I know the world is small,
I know I can have it all,
I know because you taught me.

I will always be here,
I will always care,
I will always love you.

So sail on your ship,
As I sail on mine,
Knowing that together we shine!

For together we are everything,
For together the song we sing,
For together is where happiness is.

Brenda A. Ysaguirre
May 30th., 2008
Copyriht 2008 Brenda A. Ysaguirre

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Everytime you see a rainbow,
Everytime you feel cool breeze on your skin,
Everytime you feel homesick,
Everytime you listen to the sound of the rain falling,
Everytime you feel like calling home,
Everytime you think of your friends and then they call,
Everytime you are touched by someone's good deed,
Everytime you are hurt but get over it,


Brenda A. Ysaguirre
Copyright 2008 Brenda A. Ysaguirre

Monday, May 26, 2008



I know who you are,
I talk to you on the phone,
I know you are not so far,
But you are very much alone.

I guess you don't get my work,
I guess you don't understand poetry,
Sometimes I smile and sometimes I hurt,
But in the end there is always recovery.

For the poet is a person of love,
The poet is a person of sorrow,
The poet will say things to the Lord above,
Or write about the present or tomorrow.

A poet will always be misunderstood,
A poet may never appeal to everyone,
But then again most persons never would,
Capture the approval of every Man.

I may say things I mean at an instance,
I may say things that I'll never do,
I may say things in a flash or at a glance,
But there are not meant to be analysed through and through.

If you listen beyond the words and deeds,
You will know that poetry is open and free,
And everyone will see what he wants when he reads,
Because poetry is meant to let you be.

Don't read between the lines,
Or listen to what I say,
I like to take a word that rhymes,
And do with it whatever I may.

So I'll never kill anyone except on paper,
And I'll never do many things I write,
For a poet lives through words not caper,
For with ink they have all their might.

Please enjoy life and be at cease,
Every day should be lived like a song,
So live to do things as you please,
And nothing will ever go wrong.

(Hope you feel better now D
Yeap, I know it is you!)
Brenda A. Ysaguirre
Copyright 2008 Brenda A. Ysaguirre

Sunday, May 25, 2008


They all think you are special,
They all think that you are worth your metal.
But what they don’t know about you,
Are all the insane things you do.

They come and go into your life,
And each one ends up wanting to be your wife.
But that is not what you want at all,
But you have them at your beck and call.

They smile at each other but do they know?
That another arrives as soon as they go,
But I guess they live for that time - that moment,
As they don’t have to worry about the rent!

The timing is just right,
It’s time to put all things in the light.
So watch your step and tread with care,
Because there is no knowing how this will fare.

Because, if they had a clue,
What would you do?
When they finds out,
Will you tell them what it’s all about?

You are playing a dangerous game,
You think all women are tame,
But you are in for much more,
And it will land you on the floor.

So Casanova, have your fun,
For now the battle has begun.
Look over your shoulder and be on guard,
For soon you will be hit very hard.

Brenda A. Ysaguirre
Copyright 2008 Brenda A. Ysaguirre

Saturday, May 24, 2008



I saw the flower wilt and die,
And at first I didn’t understand why,
But then it became obvious to me,
Because you no longer watered it, you see?

For a flower to bloom it must be loved,
And when it was new you were much involved,
But then you got distracted and moved away,
And so it didn’t get watered everyday.

I saw the flower wilt and die,
And so I had to tell it goodbye.
Maybe I can get a new plant one day,
And take care of it in my own way.

For when the flower wilts and dies,
It takes with it all the promises and lies,
“I’ll water it everyday,” you use to say,
Until you found another flower to occupy your day.

Brenda A. Ysaguirre
Copyright 2008 Brenda A. Ysaguirre

Friday, May 23, 2008


There is a little bird that sings,

Outside the house on early mornings.

The message that it chirps so cheerfully,

Fills the air as she sings so happily.

She does not stop until she is joined in her singing,

By Abel with his response to her with his whistling.

They sing to each other in a language of peace,

And for that brief moment time will cease.

The message is clear and it is special,

Hello, people down below I just had to call,

And let you know the day is wonderful, isn't it?

Come on out of the house while I come to visit.

It's a wonderful day,

And I just had to say,

Hello and how do you do,

It's so nice visiting with you.

Thanks for having such wonderful plants,

They are so inviting with no beds of ants.

From your home comes a calm,

While the wind blows the baby palm.

So have a wonderful day,

May everything go your way,

I'll be back tomorrow once again,

So we can chat before it's ten.

So long my amigos,

It's time this little bird goes,

To spread more cheer ,

So see you tomorrow, my dear.

Brenda A. Ysaguirre

Copyright 2008 Brenda A. Ysaguirre

Thursday, May 22, 2008



Don’t underestimate me,
This is the me I want you to see.
Don’t underestimate me,
Or soon there will nothing be.

Don’t underestimate me,
I don’t fight back but I see.
Don’t underestimate me,
I’m just letting you be.

Don’t underestimate me,
For one day soon you will see,
Don’t underestimate me,
For one day you will be set free.

Don’t underestimate me,
I am on the road to being free.
Don’t underestimate me,
You are creating the me I never wanted to be.

Don’t underestimate me,
I am stronger that I let you see.
Don’t underestimate me,
For one day soon the new me will be.

I’ve let you have your own way,
I’ve let you have your own say.
I’ve let you lead me down the path,
I’ve let you tear my heart apart.

Brenda A. Ysaguirre
Copyright 2008 Brenda A. Ysaguirre

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

FOLLOW YOUR VISION - Dedicated to the Third Year Students of CCC ACE

Think hard,

Work strong,

Make plans,

Move along.

Desire all,

Follow the call.

Never say never,

Energy is yours forever.

But never underestimate,

The powers that be,

For they can affect your life,

For an eternity.

So while Man makes his plans,

The world spins and the moon wans,

But the fire in your heart,

Will keep failure and success apart.

You have the will to succeed,

You have the power to achieve.

You have all the tools you need.

Just pay you intuition heed.

For the Man who wants

Will always get,

And the Man who achieves

In life is set.

So move with the wind and faster if you can,

Just always make sure you have a plan.

For the world is big and mean and bright.

But it is yours so keep your vision in sight.

Brena A. Ysaguirre

Copyright 2008 Brenda A. Ysaguirre

Monday, May 19, 2008


The wings of a fragile creature,
Fluttering as a part of nature,
Flitters onto the flowers in my garden,
Then suddenly there appears more than ten.

Butterflies are ever so delicate,
It is sometimes sad to think of their fate.
They get caught by birds and human beings,
And are countless it seems.

The monarch is orange and black,
Then there is the little yellow with speckled back,
The blue ones are pretty but purple are my favorite,
And there are also white with black on it.

The butterfly is a sign of God's love,
That He showers on us from above.
To think that a creepy crawly caterpillar,
Could become a butterfly leaves me in wonder.

So little butterfly, come dance for me,
Let me be like you - alive and free,
Let me flutter everywhere,
Let me enjoy being here.
Brenda A. Ysaguirre
Copyright 2008 Brenda A. Ysaguirre

Sunday, May 18, 2008


I don't know what to believe anymore,

The lies are just sweeping the floor,

And when I think about them all,

I just want to stop my fall.

Do you think I am a fool?

Do you think my brain is not tool?

I've seen right through you and that's the truth,

So your lies are just some sour fruit.

I think that you do more harm to you,

Everytime you make me blue,

Because now the blue is turning to red,

And in my heart you are almost dead.

I've tried to tell you to stop the deceit,

To embrace the truth that's at your feet.

But you can't change the life you live,

Not even with all the love I have to give.

I'm living a lie and that's the truth,

My love for you can never bear fruit.

Because you run and hide each time you get,

Don't you realize I love you yet?

You've got it in your hands today,

And yet you cover with all the things you say,

There is love that could have a chance,

If you'd just stop giving others the glance.

But now I know this is the real you,

And there is nothing that I can do,

To make you the person I want you to be,

So it's almost time to set you free.

Brenda A. Ysaguirre
Copyright 2008 Brenda Ysaguirre

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Hot sun glaring down,
Sea breeze blowing around,
A beach filled with sand and colour,
A tree in the park in full flower.

Speed boats zipping in the water,
Everywhere there is music and laughter,
The smell of barbecue fills the air,
As the blue sky overhead is ever so clear.

The beach side is packed with holiday makers,
As the catamaran takes to the breakers,
Then the band starts to play,
And adds to the joy of the holiday.

Orders for corn on the cob covered with cheese,
Or sliced pickled mangoes, your taste buds to tease,
Add to the ever so perfect day,
As everyone enjoys Easter on the Corozal Bay.

Brenda A. Ysaguirre
Copyright 2008 Brenda A. Ysaguirre

Friday, May 16, 2008


If this was your daughter you would forward it. Missing 3 year Old Girl - You never know, who knows whom


Racharel Strong (father) - 404-357-1881

Simona Strong (mother) - 404-313-4255

Tiesa Locklear (aunt) - 678-234-4902

Tramesa Locklear (aunt) 678-480-1635

Ursala Williams (aunt) 678-362-5246

Thursday, May 15, 2008


This poem is actually a song of praise that I wrote in May, 2006 in a time when I believed that there was much I could do to change the world. Today I accept that I can try to do so but that the obstacles that I will encounter may deter my intentions. Whatever happens on my path of life, I can only give praise for the power and the knowledge I have recieved from the Almighty.
Brenda A. Ysaguirre

Jesus is my Lord,
Jesus is my Saviour,
'Cause He washed my sins away,
And He taught me how to pray.

Jesus is my Redeemer,
Jesus is my King,
And I love Him everyday,
'Cause He washed away my sin.

Jesus is my Messiah,
Jesus is my Truth,
I will sing His praise,
For the rest of my days.

Jesus is my Way,
Jesus is my Light,
All this I can say,
'Cause He washed my sins away.

'Cause He washed my sins away,
And He taught me how to pray,
All these things I can say,
For I'll love Him everyday.

Brenda A. Ysaguirre
Copyright 2008 Brenda A. Ysaguirre

Tuesday, May 13, 2008



The jaguar is in the zoo,
So, I am thinking of you.

Do you realize,
What it is I see in your eyes?

Want to know what I think?
I know why we are linked.

Some people say that it is fate,
Some think it’s never late.

They look at me and they see,
The new, and definitely improved me.

But others can’t understand,
That this new me was in the PLAN.

There is no doubt the way I feel,
There is no doubt this is for real.

We share many things in common,
You have made me quite a woman.

The way I think now is open and clear,
And there is nothing that I fear.

We are two of a kind and that is true,
That is why, I love learning from you!

Brenda A. Ysaguirre
Copyright 2008 Brenda A. Ysaguirre

Sunday, May 11, 2008


A word came to my mind,

And landed on my paper.

And became a part of a line,

That I was writing in my letter.

It was then that I saw,

That the words that I thought,

Could leave me in awe,

As much as the sentences I sought.

So I finished my letter,

Then wrote the address,

And I felt so much better,

For the PO would do the rest.

But still I thought all day,

My friend would be sad,

When she found I'd gone away,

Hopefully she would not be mad.

For the letter would tell,

I'd be back by summer,

For I was going for only a short spell,

Only thing I'd taken her HUMMER!

Saturday, May 10, 2008


It was all I ever wanted,
It was all I ever dreamt.
The career of a lifetime,
But it now nears the end.

There are things that happen,
On the path to success,
That makes us realize,
That life and people can’t always be their best.

As each page is unfolded on this journey of life,
There is no regret, no sorrow, when I turn off the light.
For life will continue and life will proceed,
And I can always look back at my students for all did succeed.

The knowledge I gave them came from the heart,
And each year saying goodbye tears me apart.
But I know that I did something that was good,
And if I had the chance to do it again I know I would.

For I AM an educator,
I AM a friend.
I AM a teacher,
And I’ll take that with me to the end.

Brenda A. Ysaguirre
Copyright 2008 Brenda Ysaguirre

Friday, May 9, 2008


Everyone has an opinion,
Everyone wants to have their say.
Everyone wants me to do,
Things in a certain way.

But I am a poet,
And last time I checked I was free.
And I write the way I feel,
So please don't try to change me.

If there is one thing I am proud of,
It is the way I can write each poem,
It is an art and one not many have,
So I'm not hurt if you don't like them.

But democracy declares that I can write,
And democracy says I can do as I please.
So all my expressions have come to light,
And they can never ever cease.

If you believe in God,
Then this is a gift from Him.
And if you believe in other forces,
Whatever and wherever - that my resources.

I may not make you happy all the time.
I may not make you sad,
But poets have struggled for ages,
So understand me when I get mad!

There are poems of laughter,
There are poems of sorrow.
There are poems about the Creator,
There are poems about nature.

There are poems about Belize
There are poems what will sieze,
The hearts of many different people,
For they are emotions that never cease.

For what is life in this world,
But feelings that takes us aswirl.
On a roller coster ride through life,
As we go about our daily strife.

So stop trying to play the game,
Stop trying to change and maime,
My poems are here to stay,
And I'll keep on writing everyday!

Brenda A. Ysaguirre
Copyright 2008 Brenda A. Ysaguirre

Wednesday, May 7, 2008



Estoy caminando en este mundo,
Y cada día estoy pensando,
Que curiosa es la vida…
Si solo pudria,
Hacer las cosas que quiero
Que diferente seria lo que siento.

De repente a mi llegaron,
Dos palabras y me dejaron,
Pensando que, esto era vivir.
Esto es como debemos existir.
Son dos palabras, no más,
Y nos llena la vida de amor y paz.

YO PUEDO, vivir mi vida y mi muerte,
Cada día, cada instante.
YO PUEDO ser amor,
Y entregarlo a quienes están a mí alrededor,
Porque siempre necesitaras expresar,
Todo el amor que tú, puedas dar.

YO PUEDO, escuchar el silencio,
Entender su mensaje sin mucho pensarlo.
YO PUEDO, celebrar mi tristeza
Y aceptar lo que viene en la naturaleza.
Porque en el silencio viaja un mensaje especial,
Que la alegría o la tristeza pueden ser igual.

YO PUEDO, tener acción
Y todas mis mañanas seran una canción,
Que llenen mi cuerpo y mi mente.
Y compartirla a toda mi gente.
YO PUEDO, tener una nueva educación
Y con ello será posible, elevar esta gran nación.

Cantemos, gritemos, todos estas dos palabras,
Y nunca más volveremos atrás.
YO PUEDO, TU PUEDES, hoy y siempre
Ahora tenemos una mirada al frente.
El trabajo ha comenzado y no habrá fin,
Hasta que brote del surco, la simiente.
Brenda A. Ysaguirre

Copyright 2008 Brenda A. Ysaguirre

Monday, May 5, 2008


I saw the sun go down yesterday,

And realized there was nothing I could say,

To replace the glory of the sunset,

There are no words I can think of yet.

The glorious sun was huge and bright,

And gave off such a wonderful sight.

The orange glowed in the sky so clear,

It seem to smile and say goodbye, my dear.

I suddenly realized I had not looked around,

And enjoyed the splendour that can surround,

This place I call my town, my refuge and my home,

Because I've been so busy to really be alone.

For the wonders of nature go sometimes unseen

When we are busy with each and every human being,

That calls on us to extend our hand,

To help them achieve their goal or their plan.

So, please stop and take time for yourself some day,

Listen to what nature has to say.

There is a message for each and everyone us,

We just have to stop and listen - we just MUST!
Brenda A. Ysaguirre
Copyright 2008 Brenda A. Ysaguirre

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Have no fear,
The Lord is here.
He sees your pain,
And your tears falling like rain.

He cares for you,
And watches everything you do.
He sends you love,
And many blessings from above.

The birds that sing and the dogs that bark,
All saved by 40 days on the Ark.
They're God's way of telling us He is here,
Watching over us and being forever near.

So love the Lord forevermore,
Do not close your heart for it is the door,
That brings Him to me and you,
To guide us with everything we do.
Brenda A. Ysaguirre
April 14, 2006
Copyright 2008 Brenda A. Ysaguirre

Saturday, May 3, 2008


Written for the Class of 6-2B of the Corozal Junior College ACE Division,
With Love, from Ms. B

You have been a unique class,
And I am sure you will not be the last,
To make me upset or to make me laugh,
But I am happy that a few of you are going off.

Rodrigo, you've come from far away each day,
To listen to what the lecturers have to say.
I wish you the best in your future endeavours,
May you see the fruit of all your late hours.

Ruben, boy, you are surely special,
Your time at school is few but you expect all,
And your lecturers shake their heads and say,
This boy is different in every way.

Rocio, the first year was spent on skipping classes
That's why you had so few passes,
But when you put your mind to it you can,
You just need to settle down and have a plan.

Neomi, are you going to surprise us soon,
Even though you're singing to a different tune.
You settled down this year without Raquel,
So for that I can now wish you well.

Maricela, they broke the mould after creating you,
You often got on my nerves saying those things you do,
But deep inside we became friends,
And I promise we will be so until the every end.

Shyami, you are the brain in the lot,
I can say and really mean that.
So use your knowledge wisely and don't forget,
There is so much for you to learn as yet!

Alberto, you are a one of a kind guy,
Who loves to have fun and I can tell why.
Your dances on stage will never be forgotten,
Keep on enjoying life and remember all that happened.

Sheena, I see that guy courting you,
Buying you soft drinks and making you smile, too.
Stay on track, dear girl, and get your degree,
And one day you'll have success for all to see.

Roraima, your dedication is great,
And you were just about never late.
Your smile and your friendliness,
Makes you one of 6-2B's best.

Abinadi, now that's a name I won't forget,
You have not made me angry yet!
You smile and are a funny person everywhere,
Remember you can be a success anywhere.

Yanarie, you loved missing school,
And doing little things aganist the rule,
But you are kind and filled with happiness sincere,
You are definitely one of my daughters dear.

Now students of 6-2B I add you to the list,
Of all the children that I won't miss,
For we will keep in touch throughout the years,
And thanks for adding to my grey hairs!

So, Class of 6-2 B,
You mean a lot to me,
And I will keep you in my heart,
When the time comes for us to be apart.

Brenda A. Ysaguirre
Copyright 2008 Brenda A. Ysaguirre

Friday, May 2, 2008


Flashing colours everywhere

As April prepares for the coming of May.

I'm still sitting here,

The difference is that now I don't believe what you say.

There is something definately wrong with you,

You make promises you never keep.

I've beem living a dream and feeling blue,

Because my feeling for you were really deep.

I won't deny I still feel something in my heart,

But living dream I am now in doubt,

That love can grow while we're apart,

I've no ide what you're all about.

So, I decided we can never be,

And my world will go on its way.

Now that you will never be with me,

Good bye is the word I must now say.

Brenda A. Ysaguirre

April 14, 2006

Copyright 2008 Brenda A. Ysaguirre

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Who do you think that you are?

What do you think you are doing?

Girl, life is too short don't you see?

You better watch where you are going.

You walk in and out like you own the world,

Are you a young woman or a girl?

Don't you understand that you are nothing,

Because I own just about everything!

Look around you and you will see,

Everything that belongs to Ms B,

Bought and paid for with cash,

Girl, in an instant you I can mash.

Don't try to take what is mine,

Don't make me whip your behind.

Get a life and go find your own toy,

This is taken, he is my boy!

Want to see the papers that prove the fact?

Don't go trying things behind my back.

This world is small and I have worked hard,

Beware, my friend, for I am on guard.

Brenda A. Ysaguirre

Copyright 2008 Brenda A. Ysaguirre