Saturday, February 26, 2011


I use to love Thursdays when we first met,
Because it was the day we´d always do things we hadn´t done yet.
I would cross the border and be with you,
And we do all the things I never knew we could do.

It was the day we would share all our plans,
They were the days I would learn from your curing hands.
They were the times we would go out to eat,
They were the times many new friends I got to meet.

We would sit at Costa Azul or Los Mestizos by three,
And after a while you´d join the keyboard player and sing to me.
Never a day would go by without our favorite drinks or my song,
Never a Thursday without happiness and I thought nothing would ever go wrong.

But now it´s just another Thursday that comes ever week,
No more songs from you, no more loving eyes that wink.
No more Costa Azul, the place is now closed down,
And Los Mestizos is not the same without you around.

You left me one rainy night to seek the angels above,
But before you left you taught me all about love.
I carry you in my heart and on my mind each day,
And look forward to one day when "I love you , Negrita" again I will hear you say.

Papi, Thursday will always be our day,
Thursday was the beginning of your life in Mexico coming my way.
Thursday is not the same now without you in my arms or my head resting on you,
Thursday is never going to be the same no matter what I do.

But it will remain in my heart and on my mind,
For Thursday is where peace and happiness I can find,
I will remember everything we did and everything you told me,
Because Thursday was once the day we set our emotions free.

So until we meet again in that place beyond,
Thursdays I will carry memories of you so fond,
And smile and think of all we use to do,
And remember that once you were here and our love was true.


Brenda A. Ysaguirre Lopez