Thursday, January 31, 2008


Time To Set You Free

Where did I go wrong?

Why didn't I see?

I've got to be strong,

I've got to be for me!

You say words from the heart,

And maybe I taught you that,

But they are tearing me apart,

Your reply came so flat.

It's wake up time for sure,

I've got to focus on me,

It's time I close the door,

It's time I set you free!

Brenda Aurora Ysaguirre
Copyright ©2008 Brenda Aurora Ysaguirre

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Farewell, My Dream
It's been two weeks since you broke my heart,
Two weeks now since we've been apart.
So life can go on and I can still exist,
I never thought my life would come to this.

No longer do I expect to get a letter from you,
No longer do I expect to one day tell you I do.
That was a fool's dream, but she awoke
When her dreams and heart you broke.

You were doing the right thing that I know,
When you asked me to write you no more.
But do you realize what you have done,
Now that you no longer will be around?

I wonder if HE is out there somewhere,
I wonder if he is far away or near.
The dream must continue for this is all there is,
Where is HE? For whom am I HIS?

Copyright ©2008 Brenda Aurora Ysaguirre

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Suppose the sky was red instead of blue,

Suppose when saying hello we said adieu.

Suppose we didn't walk on the ground,

Suppose the earth was square not round.

Suppose vehicles floated in the air,

Suppose we called our face our hair.

If the sun rose at night and the moon during the day,

If summer was in December and Christmas was in May,

If "Z" was the first letter of the alphabet,

If we meant "right now" and said "not yet",

If everything that is - wasn't,

If everything we did - we shouldn't,

If I were you and you were me,

What a strange world it would be!

Brenda Aurora Ysaguirre

Copyright, 2007

Monday, January 28, 2008


You Don’t Know Yet
Dedicated To Carolyn Angela, my daughter, with all my love.

If you ask me what it is like,
I’d say wait until her first bike,
Wait until that first day of pre-school,
Wait until she ventures on the deep end of the pool.

Her first dance or her first date,
You’ll be telling her eleven o’clock is too late,
Pray she doesn’t start to smoke,
Or drink anything stronger than a coke.

The clothes she’ll wear will expose more than enough,
And the friends she may have may be really rough,
But keep in mind it’s only a small part of growing up,
What must be learnt will be nothing like her first feeding cup.

So from one mother to another I just want to say.
Remember to pray each and everyday,
For strength, patience and trust aren’t your only tool.
There is a lot a mother learns that you don’t get from school.

You see I’ve been there before.
I’ve felt that way every time you walked through the door.

Brenda Aurora Ysaguirre
Copyright, 2005

Sunday, January 27, 2008


Can I ask you why?
Why are you looking at the sky?
Yet it is the look you cast around,
In the silence you make no sound.

A sideway glance, a questioning look,
I guess you did not read the book.
Now the test is in front of you,
And you don’t know what to do.

Students, why suffer when you could easily pass?
It’d be so easy if you study before your English class,
Don’t listen to those who say there is no studying to do,
Remember it is your life and it is up to you!

Brenda Aurora Ysaguirre
June, 2003

Saturday, January 26, 2008


Another planned date draws near
And from you for days I do not hear
All I can do is think of you
And all the things we said we’d do.

I really cannot keep this dream forever
Because it seems that meeting we will never
Am I wasting my time on what may never be?
Will the life we talk about never come to me?

It’s happening again, isn’t it?
This player will never a home run hit
Will our lips never meet - must we stay apart?
Won’t you give a chance to my longing heart?

Brenda A. Ysaguirre
Copyright, 2005

Friday, January 25, 2008


I once thought I had a friend,
But then all that came to an end.
I then saw you as my foe,
Dear God, we had quite a row!

The exchange of the words were swift and strong.
Where did this friendship begin to go wrong?
Some things you said were just plain mean,
I could have prevented it if I could have seen.

Just the night before I dreamt of a little black snake,
I thought the superstition behind it was all a fake.
But if it was then how can it be,
That all around me “backstabbing” is all I see.

But I’ve got news for all of you,
I’m not going to explode by all you do,
This is a new me that you see,
And I will be all I want to be.

Brenda Ysaguirre
October 14, 2004

Thursday, January 24, 2008

WHY AM I WEAK? - ¿Por qué soy débil?

When you don’t call for a long time I am hurt
Then my anger subsides into a decision to end our relationship
I sit and think “What is it all worth?”
Don’t we share more than a friendship?

I think of all the things I want to say to you
I want someone that will be there all the time for me
Some one who wants to hear all the things I do
And all the things I want to be.

I’m scared that our worlds are not the same
I’m scared that I may be unable to live up to your expectation
The years have thought me life is not a game
So why do I have so much anticipation?

Then you finally call and all melts away,
With just the sound of your voice in my ear
All I had planned to do and every word I thought to say
Why oh why I am so weak when from you I hear?

I can feel your warmth creep over me
You ignite a passion so wild I get lost in it
And all I want is with you to be
A part of the fire that you lit.

Brenda Aurora Ysaguirre
Copyright 2005.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


For Carolyn Angela, my daughter, With All My Love

Dance to the song you hear,
Dance to the sound in your ear,
Dance to the rhythm in your soul,
Dance, come to life and be whole.

Escape to a world of happiness,
Escape to a surrounding of gladness,
Escape with the music and be free,
Escape and be what you want to be.

Capture a moment set in time,
Capture life, don’t be blind,
Capture today like there will be no tomorrow,
Capture the world and stop all the sorrow.

Love with all your heart and soul,
Love with a passion that makes you whole.
Love that special person in every way,
Love and be loved every night and day.

Brenda Ysaguirre
September 17th., 2005

Monday, January 21, 2008



Belizean Musician Andy Palacio Passes Away After Heart Attack and Stroke

January 19, 2008 - Andy Palacio, an iconic musician and cultural activist in his native Belize and impassioned spokesperson for the Garifuna people of Central America, was declared dead tonight at 9 p.m. Belize time due to a massive and extensive stroke to the brain, a heart attack and respiratory failure due to the previous two conditions.

Palacio, 47, started feeling poorly last week and eventually visited a doctor with complaints of dizziness and blurred vision. On the 16th of January, he began experiencing seizures and was rushed to a hospital in Belmopan , Belize and then on to another hospital in Belize City . At this point, most people were hopeful Palacio would recover.

On January 17th, Palacio’s condition worsened and he began experiencing more seizures. He was placed on an air ambulance to Chicago where he was expected to get treatment at one of the premier neurological facilities in the country. En route to Chicago , the plane stopped in Mobile , Alabama to clear immigration. At that point, Palacio was unconscious and it was determined that he was too ill to continue on the flight to Chicago . He was rushed to a hospital in Mobile , and placed on life support. There, doctors determined that the damage to his brain function was severe, and that his chances of recovery were slim. On January 18th, his family requested that he be flown back to Belize so that he might die in his homeland.

A national hero in Belize for his popular music and advocacy of Garifuna language and culture, news of Palacio’s condition sent shockwaves through the community. At 5 p.m. today, a public service was held in Belize City for Palacio as people prayed for his recovery. Ceremonies were also held by Garifuna spiritual leaders in an effort to help with the situation. Belize is in the midst of a heated election, but the local news was entirely dominated by Palacio’s health crisis.

The reaction has also been strong around the world. Until the recent turn of events, the past year had been one of tremendous accomplishment for Palacio as his album Wátina, which was released at the beginning of 2007, had become one of the most critically acclaimed recordings of the year in any genre. Perhaps the most unanimously revered world music album in recent memory, Wátina appeared on dozens of Best of the Year lists in major media outlets around the globe and was roundly praised in glowing terms.

In 2007, Palacio was named a UNESCO Artist for Peace and won the prestigious WOMEX Award. Wátina was also nominated for the BBC Radio 3 World Music Awards. At home in Belize , the international success of Wátina has sparked a revival of Garifuna music, as young musicians have become inspired by Palacio’s example. Even in the days since Palacio’s health crisis began, the accolades have continued to pour in for his work.

That Palacio has been struck down at a moment of such international acclaim only increases the sense of shock and tragedy felt at his sudden and untimely death.

Andy Palacio will be honored with an official state funeral. A massive tribute concert is planned in Belize City on Friday, January 25th.



Andy Palacio was not only the most popular musician in Belize , he was also a serious music and cultural activist with a deep commitment to preserving his unique Garifuna culture. Long a leading proponent of Garifuna popular music and a tireless advocate for the maintenance of the Garifuna language and traditions, Palacio recently achieved international acclaim for his work as a recording and performing artist thanks to the critical success of his early 2007 album Wåtina.

Andy Vivien Palacio was born in the small coastal village of Barranco , Belize on December 2, 1960. Palacio grew up listening to traditional Garifuna music as well as imported sounds coming over the radio from neighboring Honduras , Guatemala , the Caribbean and the United States . “Music was always a part of daily life,” said Palacio, “It was the soundtrack that we lived to.” Along with some of his peers, he joined local bands even while in high school and began developing his own voice, performing covers of popular Caribbean and Top 40 songs.

However, it was while working with a literacy project on Nicaragua 's Atlantic Coast in 1980 and discovering that the Garifuna language and culture was steadily dying in that country, that a strong cultural awareness took hold and his approach to music became more defined. “I saw what had happened to my people in Nicaragua . The cultural erosion I saw there deeply affected my outlook,” he said in late 2006, “and I definitely had to react to that reality.” His reaction took the form of diving deeper into the language and rhythms of the Garifuna, a unique cultural blend of West African and Indigenous Carib and Arawak Indian language and heritage. “It was a conscious strategy. I felt that music was an excellent medium to preserve the culture. I saw it as a way of maintaining cultural pride and self esteem, especially in young people.”

Palacio became a leading figure in a growing renaissance of young Garifuna intellectuals who were writing poetry and songs in their native language. He saw the emergence of an upbeat, popular dance form based on Garifuna rhythms that became known as punta rock and enthusiastically took part in developing the form. Andy began performing his own songs and gained stature as a musician and energetic Garifuna artist. In 1987, he was able to hone his skills after being invited to work in England with Cultural Partnerships Limited, a community arts organization. Returning home to Belize with new skills and a four track recording system, he helped found Sunrise , an organization dedicated to preserving, documenting and distributing Belizean music. While his academic background and self-scholarship allowed for his on-going documentation of Garifuna culture through lyrics and music, it is his exuberance as a performer that has helped earn him worldwide recognition.

Palacio also brought his passion for Garifuna culture into the public sector. In December 2004, Palacio was appointed Cultural Ambassador and Deputy Administrator of the National Institute of Culture and History of Belize.

About five years ago, Belizean producer Ivan Duran, Palacio’s longtime collaborator and founder of the local label Stonetree Records, convinced Palacio that he should focus on less commercial forms of Garifuna music and look more deeply into its soul and roots. Duran and Palacio set out to create an all-star, multi-generational ensemble of some of the best Garifuna musicians from Guatemala , Honduras and Belize . The Garifuna Collective unites elder statesmen such as legendary Garifuna composer Paul Nabor, with up-and-coming voices of the new generation such as Aurelio Martinez from Honduras and Adrien Martinez from Belize . Rather then focusing solely on danceable styles like punta rock, the Collective explores the more soulful side of Garifuna music, such as the Latin-influenced paranda, and the sacred dügü, punta and gunjei rhythms.

Palacio and Duran embarked on the production of Wátina, an album that would come to redefine modern Garifuna music and become one of the most critically-acclaimed world music releases of 2007. The initial recording sessions for this exceptional album took place over a 4-month period in an improvised studio inside a thatch-roofed cabin by the sea in the small village of Hopkins , Belize . It was an informal environment, where the musicians spent many hours playing together late into the night, honing the arrangements of the songs that would eventually end up on this album. While the traditions provided the inspiration, the musicians also added contemporary elements that helped give the songs relevance to their modern context. After the sessions, Ivan Duran worked tirelessly back at his studio to craft what is surely the pinnacle of Garifuna music production to date.

Wátina, which was released at the beginning of 2007, became one of the most critically acclaimed recordings of the year in any genre. Perhaps the most unanimously revered world music album in recent memory, Wátina appeared on dozens of Best of the Year lists in major media outlets around the globe and was roundly praised in glowing terms. These best-of lists put an exclamation point on what had been an incredible year for Andy Palacio and the worldwide recognition of Garifuna music. In November, 2007, Palacio became the first Caribbean and Central American artist to be designated a UNESCO Artist for Peace. He received the prestigious WOMEX Award in October, 2007 which was co-awarded to Ivan Duran. In September, 2007 Palacio was conferred the Order of Meritorious Service by the Prime Minister of Belize. Wátina was also nominated for the influential BBC Radio 3 World Music Awards. At home in Belize , the international success of Wátina has sparked a revival of Garifuna music, as young musicians have become inspired by Palacio’s example.


Stonetree Records
35 Elizabeth Street
Benque Viejo del Carmen
Belize , Central America

t: 501-8232241
f: 501-8232240

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Sunday, January 20, 2008


(dedicated to all those who have given up on a love not returned)

The sun rises in the morning,
The moon sails across the sky at night
Now my heart is learning,
That farewell is in sight.

For a long time I ignored the truth,
I was caught by the things you said,
I’ve come to accept our love will have no root,
And that it is time to move ahead.

I’ve said silent farewells to you before,
Because this is not the first time you’ve hurt me,
But this time I’m closing the door,
On a love I’m accepting will never be.

So this is the final farewell, my heart,
And while I’m aching from the final blow,
I’ve accepted we will always be apart,
Because my aching heart tells me so.

Brenda Ysaguirre
Copyright, November 14th., 2004

Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Poem Dedicated to Mrs. Olga Blades (RIP) Of Corozal Town - A Mother and Friend she was to many

A Mother to Me

You were like a mother to me,
Oh loving Mrs. Olga B.
Your kindness and caring heart,
I miss so much now we’re apart.

Your jokes, your smile and your laughter
Made me feel like a daughter.
You were my confidante and my friend,
My love for you will never end.

I remember when you saw me limping one October day,
“Look here, do you want to limp forever?” was all you had to say.
So even with the pain it brought each time,
Unto your massaging couch I did climb.

During my pregnancy you guided me,
And was the first person Carolyn did “ see”.
I always told you your granddaughter was doing this and that,
As together in your homely kitchen we sat.

Only you could heal my pain
And now you can never do that again.
I think there must be some angels who need you,
And God’s hands are full with all the prayers and requests that are not few.

So I’ve got to accept that we’ll be apart for awhile,
Until once again I can see you smile.
So watch over us from above beloved O.B.
And thank you for all you did for me.

Brenda Ysaguirre
December 3rd., 2005

Friday, January 18, 2008


I wish I’d love you from the start.
I wish I’d followed the feeling of my heart.
I wish all the years gone by could be retraced.
I wish we had as many more years to take its place.

I wish we were together everyday.
I wish in your arms I could stay.
I wish every morning I could hear your voice.
I wish it wasn’t “my decision” but “our choice”

I wish I slept in your bed all night.
I wish I woke at your side to every morning light.
I wish we could go for walks and hold hands.
I wish we could travel together to foreign lands.

I wish I could look in your eyes when you say you love me.
I wish all the love I have for you, you could see.
I wish this time apart was over at last.
I wish being in different countries was in the past.

Sixteen wishes yet to come true.
Sixteen wishes that say I love you.
Sixteen wishes to be placed under my Christmas tree.
Sixteen wishes you can grant to me.

Brenda Aurora Ysaguirre
Copyright 2005

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

When There Is No Word From You

Eight days to go,
And what do you know?
There’s no word from you.

So much you had said,
It all went to my head,
Now, there’s no word from you.

For three years to this date,
You’ve increased my heart rate,
And now, there is no word from you.

Guess what I’m going to do?
When I accept that I am blue,
And when there’s no word from you,

I’m going on ahead,
There’s no way I’ll be dead,
Just because there’s no word from you.

Maybe we’ve both dead,
And you’ve gone ahead,
That’s why there’s no word from you.

When you see God don’t tell Him any lies,
Because there is no telling how much He
It would be better if He hears no words
from you.

So from now on,
Can you please stay gone,
I’m getting use to no words from you.

I’ve a life to live,
I’ve a lot to give,
Even when there is no words from you.

So farewell my friend,
This must be the end,
With no more words from you.

Brenda Ysaguirre

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Usted dice que vivimos en la tierra de los libres,
Usted dirá a miles de jóvenes que pueden ver,
Nuevas mañanas siempre y cuando sueñan,
Entonces, ¿por qué la vida no es todo lo que parece?

Usted me dice que vivimos en una democracia,
Usted me dice que no es la burocracia,
Entonces, ¿por qué hay un bloque a la libertad de expresión,
¿Acaso no se puede practicar lo que predicamos?

Es el derecho de cada uno de los jóvenes aprender,
Es su derecho de elegir y de obtener,
El conocimiento de todos y de todo,
Por favor, permite que la libertad de expresión anillo!

El bloque que creó no cambiará nada,
Mentes se han abierto y cantan,
De nuevas ideas y para ellos mismos piensan
¿Cómo puede la gente caer tan bajo,- que es lo que sienten?

Les has enseñado unas lecciónes queridos,
Pero a los jóvenes no les importa, no estan arrepentidos,
Los clases de Ciencias Creativos los han enseñado mucho más,
De cerrar la puerta a sus mentes usted nunca será capaz.

Con Abel estos jóvenes han aprendido a ver,
En vez de simplemente "YO"ahora dicen "YO PUEDO SER!"
El amor y la admiración que ha crecido es fuerte,
Así que lo que hizo fue dar vida a la muerte.

La semilla ya esta siembrado,
La planta tomó raíz y ahora crecerá,
Las flores se mostrarán y la fragancia fluirá,
Es como la libertad de expresión que nunca se cesará.

Que vergüenza por lo que haces,
Que vergüenza que haya ninguna pista,
De que su acción han dado poder a la ideal,
De lo que es y no es - real!

Brenda Aurora Ysaguirre (January 15, 2008)

Copyright 2008


You say we live in the land of the free,
You tell thousands of youths they can see,
New tomorrows as long as they have dreams,
So why is life not all it seems?
You tell me we live in a democracy,
You tell me they is no bureaucracy,
So why is there a block on freedom of speech,
Can't you practice what you preach?
It is the right of each youth to learn,
It is their right to chose and to earn,
Knowledge from everyone and everything,
Please let freedom of speech ring!
The block you set up will not change anything,
Minds have been opened and they sing,
Of new ideas and for themselves they will think
How low you people can sink.
You have taught a lesson dear,
That for the youths you do not care,
Creative Science have taught them much more,
You will never be able to close that door.
For thanks to Abel these youths have learnt to see,
That there is more to life than just "ME",
The love and admiration that has grown is strong,
So what you did was every so wrong.
You cannot stop the seed that we sow
The plant took root and now it will grow,
The blossoms will appear and the fragrance it will release,
Is like the freedom of speech that can never cease.
So shame on you for what you do,
Shame on you for you have no clue,
That your action have given power to the ideal,
Of what is and isn't real!
Brenda Aurora Ysaguirre
Copyright 2008

Sunday, January 13, 2008


As the sun no longer smiles on a tranquil sea
As the stars across the darken sky begin to wink
Reach within and set your spirit free

When storms appear and destroy your material worth
When words are said to dampen our dreams
Smile at everyone and erase the hurt

If all your plans are going to be
If all your energy are aimed to succeed
Reach within and set your spirit free

For a new thought can be given birth
Even when efforts are challenged and scored
Smile at everyone and erase the hurt

Be prepared for all the strange things you will see
Be prepared for all the puzzles you must solve
Reach within and set your spirit free

You alone can choose and sort
The life that you want as your own
You alone can replace sorrow with mirth
Smile at every one and erase the hurt

Sept 21, 2004.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Listen to the Wind

The wind seems to be speaking to me,
It’s wooing me without a single word.
The wind is so cheerful as can be,
The things it say I’ve never before heard.

Through the trees the sound comes creeping,
Even though I’m far away in a wonderland of dreams.
“Arise, awake, come on child and listen!”
It wants me to get up and hear it, it seems.

So I crawl out of bed and to the window walk,
And as I open them the flowers begin to talk.
The branches wave and the sun comes smiling through,
“Hello, darling child. Hello, how are you?”

It hits me so suddenly I can’t say a thing,
What a glorious beauty the morning can bring,
Then I realize what it’s all about,
It’s wonderful to be alive and free, no doubt.

We take things for granted everyday,
What if they weren’t always just our way.
Have you ever thanked the Lord above,
For blessing us with His mercy and His Love?

Have you thought how lucky you are
To live in a land free from the sufferings of war?
There must be something you can do in some way,
‘How about spreading PEACE and LOVE – let’s begin today!

Brenda Ysaguirre, September, 2003

Friday, January 11, 2008


Brenda Aurora Ysaguirre

Run, run and set your soul free,
Be my Belize, what you want to be.
From the light of day to the dark of night,
Be patriotic Belizean with all your might.

Salute the great blue, white and red,
Salute past patriots who this country led,
Through times of hardships to new beginnings,
So we could live in Belize’s beautiful surroundings.

True Belizeans we should all be,
What becomes of our country is up to you and me.
So wave the flag and march as all Belizeans should,
And sing with a passion as only real Belizeans would!

We are 100 percent pure and true,
And as patriotic Belizeans we will surely do,
What our ancestors started in their days,
For we can be patriotic in so many ways.

So take up the challenge and say it out loud,
I am Belizean, of it I am proud!
This is home for you and me,
Home of the brave, this land of the free!

September 18th., 2005


If the sun never shone again,
If we never felt pain or sorrow,
If we didn't need air to breathe,
Then my heart you'd have freed.
But you came into the dark and stole it from me,
There is no doubt now because I finally see,
My heart was lost from the start,
It was given freely but you tore it apart.
Why did you waste all that time I'll never know,
For you were the one that opened that closed door,
Why did you make promises you'd never keep?
Why did you let me sink into loving you so deep?

So, here I am,
Where are you?

Brenda Aurora Ysaguirre
Copyright 2007

( Note: This poem will be featured later this year by the International Society of Poets in a book and on CD in sound)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Acepta Mi Nueva Vida


So it all seems different to you,
It is something out of the blue.
Who would think that now things would change,
You think I am acting out of range.
I tell you I am happy but you can't understand,
Just be my friend and extend your hand.
You are my confidante, you are my friend,
That will be so to the very end.
So please try to see the me I am now,
Don't ask the question "Woman, how?"
Life is short and each day flies by,
If I said I was unhappy it would be a lie.
I am living life as it comes each day,
Are you listening to what I say?
Life is death as black is white,
Happiness is sadness as wrong is right.
Live today with the joys it brings,
Listen to your heart when it sings.

Copyright ©2007 Brenda Aurora Ysaguirre

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Children of Belize

Everybody's business are you,
And love we have to share,
For everything that we do,
Shows how much we care.

Criminals lurk in hidden spaces,
You need to be alert,
You see anger in their faces,
And someone ends up calling BERT!

You are the future of Belize,
You are the crop we reap,
And no one can be at their ease,
When mothers have to weep.

So please take care of each other,
Always have a few friends near,
You must be the keeper of your brother,
For your life to all is dear.

Brenda Aurora Ysaguirre
Copyright ©2008 Brenda Aurora Ysaguirre

Monday, January 7, 2008

Belleza Después de la Tormenta


For all the people of Corozal, Belize

Clouds become grey before the storm
As the air around us becomes warm.
All is still and silence covers,
A community prepares for showers.
Drop after drop it slowly comes,
Suddenly the earth cheerfully hums.
God's blessing is sent from above,
Nature accepts the Creator's love.
Lightning flashes and thunder rolls
As water down the hillside flows.
Puddles develop in gardens and streets,
But nature accepts raindrops as treats.
For tomorrow the sun will shine again,
We'll have forgotten this storm by then.
The leaves will be green and the sky will be blue,
And God's Earth will have a beautiful hue.

Copyright ©2008 Brenda Aurora Ysaguirre